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I know you have already gone through many Lean Belly Breakthrough reviews that are written by people who don’t even have access to this program, let alone testing it.

lose belly fatMany people are creating their reviews without reading this program and testing. This is why their review often lacks important information about this program.

But thankfully, you have now arrived at the right place. In this Lean Belly Breakthrough review, you are going to find in-depth knowledge about this program, how it works, the creditability of its author, its pros and most importantly MY RESULTS.

In this review, I am going to share my experience with this program. Although there are many weight loss programs like this, but before you blur your eyes, let me say this:

This Program Is The Real One!

This program really works, it provides great value, and it is easy to implement.

I am not saying this lightly. I also experienced the frustration and embarrassment of being the only overweight girl in my big family. I tried many different pills, workout programs, gums, etc. before finding Bruce’s Lean Belly Breakthrough that worked for me.

So, why it is different from other weight loss programs? This is because you will not only get just step-by-step guidelines but you also get ten rituals along with a 2-minute workout ritual, delicious healthy smoothie recipes and if you are sweet tooth like me then you will really love healthy desserts recipes.

My Story – What FORCES Me To Lose Weight?

I am Sarah, 36-year mother of two kids. Recently we shifted to Dubai to enjoy its lifestyle.

Around six months back, we are spending some quality time on Jumeria Beach. It was blazing hot. My hubby, who is in great shape playing Frisbee with kids on the sand in nothing but his speedos. And as usual, I was hiding my bulging belly with sarong under the beach umbrella.

A few minutes later, a Frisbee landed some feet away from me. One of my kid called me to throw the Frisbee back. Making sure my bulging belly is fully covered, I tried to get up but suddenly complete darkness appear in front of my eyes, and I collapsed back on the sand. My husband rushed towards me, holding me in his arms yelling “Open your eyes.”

The next thing I remember was, I was lying in bed and doctor telling my husband I have diabetes type 2.

What? diabetes? I am only 36-years what is going on?

The next advice came from a medical professional was… adopt a good diet and exercise regularly.

How I Discover Lean Belly Breakthrough System?

lean belly breakthroughThe very next morning, I decided to start adopting all healthy habits.

I start drinking black coffee instead of my usual sweet milk coffee.

As I was booting my laptop to search for a good exercise program, I start checking Facebook. While scrolling down, I come across a post from my old school friend Leena bragging about her weight loss.

Leena is the mother of three and used to be a cheerleader and runner in the high school.

She was nice little thing in the school, but she has become larger after motherhood. I messaged Leena to know how she did it and thankfully she responded in 5 minutes with a three-word message and a smiling emoji. “Lean Belly Breakthrough” 🙂

I search about this program and discover this program created by Bruce Krahn, a personal trainer who helped numerous people even celebrities to get in top shape.

The 2-minute exercise ritual sounds sensible to me, so I decided to try this program.

Lean Belly Breakthrough is available for $37, and it is a digital program that means I get immediate access to it.

Here is what I discovered in this program…

What Is Included In Lean Belly Breakthrough Program?

Lean Belly Breakthrough is created by Bruce Krahn, who is a popular fitness trainer and trained many stars to achieve the best shape of their life. Bruce has created this program to provide you with secrets of weight loss that can help you to lose your belly fat in just three weeks.

Lean Belly Breakthrough is an online weight loss program that incorporates ten rituals, detox smoothies and 2-minute exercise to provide weight loss in 21 days.

Here is what comes with your purchase…

  • Main Manual
  • Tracking Sheets
  • Libido Boosting Foods
  • Fat Burning Desserts
  • Emergency Fat Loss Guide
  • Body Fat and Hormones
  • Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan

The key part of this weight loss program is the combination of delicious smoothie and 2-minute exercise. After getting frustrated with many weight loss programs, I was impressed with the quality of information available in this program. Bruce has provided a sensible way to lose weight and prevent it from coming again.

Additionally, many people have posted their weight loss reviews, and they are amazed at how easily they lose weight in such a short amount of time. In fact, this is one of few online weight loss program that has over 90% success results.

 Is Lean Belly Breakthrough Worth Your Money?

This program comes in a one-time payment of $37.

Considering the information provided in this program, I feel Bruce has providing 100x value of information in this program. I would still be happy to pay this price only for the main manual. However, with this program, you are getting tracking sheet, 2-minute exercise ritual and a lot of other valuable stuff without any extra charges.

As a result, I can say with full confidence that this program is providing an incredible value for money.

Does Lean Belly Breakthrough Program Worth A Try?

Lean Belly Breakthrough Program ResultsHonestly speaking, when I first downloaded Lean Belly Breakthrough program I was not expecting much from it because I got no result with many online weight loss programs I tried before. However, I am now glad that I took the decision to try it.

If you are looking for a program that helps you to lose weight and improve health then this program is for you. It is a COMPLETE program that talks about diet, exercise and little changes that you can make in your lifestyle to lose unwanted weight from your body and improve health.

I can’t recommend Lean Belly Breakthrough enough. I am sure it will WORK for you.

Special Thanks to Leena and Bruce. This program has changed my life completely.

My Results Along With Before & After Photo:

Do you remember I used to go on the beach covered with a sarong to hide my belly? – Now I am going in a full bikini and playing Frisbee with my husband and two kids. I am much happier than I was ever before.

I have lost some serious inches from my waist. I have lost full three inches in a 21-day period that is one full inch in a week. Can you imagine how much it helped me in gaining my confidence?

I am so confident that I am sharing mine before and after picture with you.

weight loss before and after

If you also have some serious confidence issue due to your overweight body, then I encourage you to give a try to Lean Belly Breakthrough, and I am sure you will be glad to try it out.


I have to admit – when Leena suggested me Lean Belly Breakthrough I wasn’t expecting much from this program. I have been disappointed many times with these online weight loss programs! But thankfully, I am glad I gave it a try…

If you want to lose some ugly pounds from your body, then this is the program. It really works! It provides you with techniques and strategies that you can use to target your belly fat. You can expect to lose an inch in a two or three week period and better, you will keep it away from your body.

I cannot recommend this program enough… I am sure IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

Thanks to Leena and Bruce… Lean Belly Breakthrough helped me to achieve the body figure that I always wanted to have!


  • You will get detailed information about how your body burns fat. Understanding of best food and exercise will help your body to burn fat quickly.
  • You can download this program instantly from the internet. You don’t have to wait for the book or any material to arrive in your postal mail.
  • This program comes as a PDF downloadable content, and you can read it anywhere in your smartphone or tablet.
  • Lots of positive reviews coming from all over the world reporting that this is not a scam or worthless weight loss program. Reviews of these people are confirming they are losing a pound a day using Lean Belly Breakthrough strategies.
  • When you buy the program from the official website, you will get 60 days money back guarantee. For whatever reason, if you feel unsatisfied with the content present in this program, you can ask for a refund.
  • Users will not feel overload with the content available in this program. What it gives is the tips and techniques on how to maintain your diet.



  • If you are not much into reading, then you may have to overcome many challenges to uncover the techniques and strategies that the author wants to give.


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